Pet Heritage Ener-Chi Adult for Dogs (200g)

by Pet Heritage
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A specifically designed formula made from 100% natural ingredients to provide top-class health for your dogs. The synergy of the carefully selected herbs enriches your dogs’s diet by enhancing digestion and absorption of nutrients into the body.
By consuming Ener-Chi, your pets will have the following benefit:
-Improve Coat condition, Reduces hair loss, Odour & Allergies
-Supports general health by boosting immune system
-Improves digestion, Absorption of nutrients, Enhance metabolism & Increase appetite
-Boost blood cell production; prevent anaemia, Improve circulation and purify blood
-Boost vitality, energy and alertness (nest used before competition)
-Repair of damaged tissues, Rapid recovery after illness or injury
America Ginseng, Shan Yao (Rhizoma diosscoreae), Lotus Seed(Semen nelumbinis), Vanilla
200 grams
Usage Guidelines:
Suitable for Dogs from 12 months old. Double the amount for pets experiencing severe conditions. For best results, use a minimum 21 – 30 days.
Recommended Daily intake:
Below 5kg     1 scoops
5 – 15kg       2 scoops
15 – 25kgs    3 scoops
Over 25 kgs   4 scoops