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Nekko Tuna (Seaweed & Egg) Pouch Cat Food 70gm

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About the product


Delicious with two flavors of Seaweed and Egg. Including large tuna fish was selected as well. Meticulous production process. It helps maintain the smell and taste of the delicious. It also contains essential vitamin E for the cat. And safe for health because it does not contain preservatives.

Key Benefits:
  • Produce from 100% real tuna, no reformed meat.
  • Omega 3,6 improving nourish skin and coat
  • Taurine is an amino acid that is needed. Assist in the vision and work of the coronary arteries
  • helps reduce smell of excrement and urine.
  • Vitamin E help protect damage caused by face redicals
  • No artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

    Nutritional Info


    Tuna, seaweed, jelly powder, flavoring agent, free biofuel, oligosaccharide, fish oil, vitamin E, taurine

    Feeding Instructions

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