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Nekko Tuna (Kanikama) Pouch Cat Food 70gm

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About the product


Nekko Cat Food Tuna Crab Shredded in Jelly Made from 100% pure tuna meat, premium quality and carefully selected crabs. Through a meticulous production process. The smell and temptation is a favorite of the Miao. No artificial flesh and no preservatives. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals for your beloved cat. Delicious food without a break over the plate.

Key Benefits:
  • Made from 100% pure fish meat without artificial meat. No preservatives.
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E
  • Prebiotic help the digestive system.
  • Lactose olycosoxide Helps to protect the hairs.
  • Fish & Taurine Nourish the eyes and nervous system.

Nutritional Info


Tuna, crab, jelly, prebiotic, fructo-oligosaccharide, chitosan, vitamin E, taurine, fish oil.

Feeding Instructions

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