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Nekko Chicken Mousse Pouch Kitten Cat Food 70gm

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About the product


Cat food Nekko (chicken) for chicken kitten. Made from 100% premium quality chicken meat that is carefully selected. The soft texture of the mousse helps the kitten to eat more easily. Through a meticulous production process. The aroma is seductive and delicious is one of the favorite Mummy 1 month and older without artificial flesh and no preservatives. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals for your beloved cat. Delicious food without a break over the plate.

Key Benefits:
  • Food for kittens 1 month and above.
  • Chicken Mousse for kittens.
  • Made from selected chicken meat as well.
  • The soft texture of the mousse allows the kitten to eat more easily.
  • With the benefits of various nutrients that are useful and necessary for the growth of kittens.

Nutritional Info


Chicken Powder, Jelly, Seasoning Agent Modified Tapioca Starch, Dried tuna slide Tri, Calcium Phosphate, Taurine, Fish Oil, Vitamin E

Feeding Instructions

The amount of food given in each meal can be adjusted as appropriate. It depends on the size, weight, age and activity of the cat. Can be fed immediately without warming.

Weight Amount
0.5 - 2 kg 3/4 - 3 sachets
2 - 4 kg 3 - 6 sachets
4 - 6 kg 6 - 9 sachets

For cats aged 1 month or more should be supplemented other food supplement. To provide the cat enough nutrients to meet the needs of the body. And should be prepared to clean the cat to drink at all times. Keep in dry and cool place. After opening the bag. Keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 days to maintain food quality.

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