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Natural Pet Joint Pain Relief Rub For Pets (30g)

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About the product

This specially formulated rub combines 4 natural active ingredients to relieve discomfort caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint injury, hip dysplasia, muscle soreness and other joint problems.

Celardin is a unique patented combination of cetylated fatty acids from natural source. It has been clinically shown to reduce pain and inflammation quickly without the harmful side effects associated with other pain medications. It provides continuous lubrication in the joint area to improve cell membrane fluidity and elasticity.

Glucosamine is the fundamental building block required for the synthesis of cartilage proteoglycans and is important in the rebuilding synthesis of damaged cartilage and protects joint from further degeneration.

Arnica is natural medicinal herb that helps stimulate blood circulation to sooth bruises, sprains and strains. It also alleviates pain, reduces swelling of muscles and joints and release of inflammation mediators.

Calendula is a natural medicinal herb that helps to relieve skin inflammation and irritation. It promotes the formation of new tissues to accelerate healing process, stimulates the immune system and prevents the spread of infection.

This fast acting formula contains clinically proven skin penetration enhancers and soothing agents. This unique transdermal delivery system ensures that the active ingredients penetrate deep into the joint areas or other affected areas quickly so that they could work straight away.


  • Alleviates pain and discomfort
  • Reduces inflammation, swelling and stiffness
  • Improves joint mobility and flexibility
  • Enhances cell membranes to restore fluids that cushion bones and joints
  • Rebuilds damaged cartilage and joints
  • Promotes wounds healing and reduces irritations


  • Rub directly onto the affected areas and massage gently with the roller-head
  • Repeat twice daily or as needed
  • For optimal benefits, continue use for a minimum of 2 weeks
  • Shake well before use

It can be applied to the elbow, knee, ankle and flat areas of the neck, back and shoulders. If the condition does not improve or gets worse, please consult a veterinarian. For external use only. Avoid in contact with eyes, nose and mouth. Not to be taken.

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