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Meradog Care - Puppy Milk (Welpenmilch - Milk Powder)

Product Description

Feeding puppys the right way. Healthy food which dogs like

The best substitute for mother's milk. Ideal as a supplement for puppies during the suckling period. With colostrum - provides puppies with highly effective active ingredients for activating the immune system. The high vitamin and trace element content rounds off the well-balanced supply of nutrients in the puppy milk.

  • 25,2 % protein / 18 % fat
  • With Colostrum - nature's immune system protection
  • No colourants or preservatives



Feeding instructions

Mix Meradog puppy milk in hot water (55°C) and whisk into a smooth compound. Allow the milk to cool a little. Ideally it should be fed to the puppy at body temperature.

Mixture ratio:

  • Based on volume: 1 part (cup, measuring beaker, etc.) milk powder to 1,5 parts water
  • Based on weight: For every 10 g milk powder add 32 ml water. (Example: 100 g milk powder plus 320 ml water gives approx. 400 ml of prepared milk)

Recommended feeding:

per kg of body weight, daily:
up to 4 weeks    230 ml prepared milk
up to 8 weeks    180 ml prepared milk

During the first week, distribute the daily allowance over eight to ten rations; then gradually reduce this to four feeds per day. Afterwards, we recommend Meradog Junior 1 or Meradog Pure Junior. When the puppy first starts to be fed solid food, moisten the Junior dry puppy food, mash it up and feed it to the puppy as a porridge.

We recommend:

The above-mentioned feeding recommendation is merely a guideline for balanced, requirement-oriented feeding of your dog. This information was calculated in accordance with the latest scientific knowledge, but must be adapted to the individual needs of your dog. Because a single number cannot cover all of the individual differences and conditions such as breed, age and size of dog, movement level, environmental influences (weather, summer, winter) etc. 


Please store all Meradog products in cool and dry place so that the quality of our products is maintained over the entire shelf life.

Composition Meradog puppy milk:

Milk and milk derivatives (incl. 0,10 % bovine colostrum, dried, rich in immunoglobulins), oils and fats, cereals, minerals.

Analysis Meradog puppy milk:

protein 25,20 %, fat content 18,00 %, crude fibre 0,30 %, crude ash 7,50 %, calcium 1,10 %, phosphorous 0,70 %,sodium 0,40 %.

Nutritional additives per kg Meradog puppy milk:

Nutritional additives: vitamin A 40.000 I.U., vitamin D3 2.000 I.U., vitamin E 75 mg, copper (as copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate) 12 mg, zinc (as zinc sulphate monohydrate) 100 mg, manganese (as manganese (II) sulphate monohydrate) 10 mg, cobalt (as cobalt (II) sulphate heptahydrate) 0,60 mg, selenium (as sodium selenite) 0,12 mg, iron (as iron (II) sulphate monohydrate) 40 mg, iodine (as calcium iodate) 2 mg.


The ideal feeding plan

Because of the wide range of influential factors involved in the rearing of puppies we would like to recommend a feeding plan, which should be individually adapted to the situation. Of course, we would be pleased to reply to any questions you may have in person. In the following, you will find one table for breeders and one for puppy owners containing recommendations for the period from the first week after birth to the end of the puppy's growth phase.

For breeders: Weeks 1 to 8 after birth:

Age of the dog

Type of food Feeding frequency Recommendation
(week 1)
Mother's milk
(puppy milk)
12 x daily Puppy milk is useful for hand rearing, for large litters, if the mother is sick or weak or in the event of intentional intensive breeding.
(week 2)
Mother's milk
(puppy milk)
8 x daily see above.
(week 3)
Mother's milk
(puppy milk)
5 - 8 x daily see above.
(week 4)
Mother's milk and/or Junior 1 Supplementary food and water 3 - 5 times daily Start of supplementary food feeding. Junior 1 can be softened and/or mashed before feeding.
(week 5)
Mother's milk
and Junior 1
Supplementary food and water 3 - 5 times daily Supplementary food meets around 50% of nutrient requirements.
(week 6)
Mother's milk
and Junior 1
Supplementary food and water 4 - 6 times daily Gradual weaning from mother's milk. A supply of fresh water must now be available at all times.
(week 7)
Junior 1 4 - 6x daily
+ fresh water
Puppies are normally weaned at this point and are given supplementary food / complete food
(week 8)
Junior 1 4 - 5x daily
+ fresh water
Fresh water must be available at all times


From week 8 after birth to the end of growth phase

Age of the dog Type of food Feeding frequency Recommendation
(8-12 weeks)
Junior 1 4 x daily The recommended daily dosage is divided into 4 portions, whereby the 4th meal can also be omitted if the puppy is no longer hungry.
Young dogs
(4-5 months)
Junior 1 small breeds
Junior 1 large breeds
3 x daily When the 4th feed stops, the total daily ration should be slowly increased in order to provide the recommended daily ration.
Young dogs
(6-12 months)
Junior 1 small breeds
Junior 2 large breeds
2 x daily The rations should gradually be increased in this case as well, whereby the increase must be kept small for large breeds in order to allow the skeleton to develop.
Adult dogs
(12-24 months)
Adult food for small breeds (e.g. Reference)
Junior 2 for large breeds up to the end of the growth phase
1 – 2 x daily Depending on the number of treats you give your dog, the number of meals should be reduced to one or two. Important: The dog should rest after eating!

When the dog is a small or large breed

From a nutritional point of view, a dog is a large breed if its anticipated final weight (i.e. its fully-grown weight) is more than 40 kg. In this case, feed your dog junior 1 during the first few months, and junior 2 from the 6th month onwards. All dogs whose anticipated fully-grown weight is less than 40 kg should be fed junior 1 until the end of the growth phase.


Caution with overfeeding and supplements

Dog owners often think that a dog cannot be overfed, and metabolises all of the energy that it takes in and uses it for growth. However, this is completely false: Overfeeding in particular leads to excessive energy intake and the development of fatty tissue and excess weight, even in puppies. As the fat builds up, the muscles break down, which affects the sensitive skeleton of the dog. Think about and calculate the additional energy you are providing, particularly in treats. If you like to reward your dog with lots of treats, reduce its daily food ration accordingly. You can reward your dog with our pure goody snacks without hesitation, since they are adapted to the energy-reduced recipes of our pure products. 

Caution when adding food supplements:

It is definitely not a case of the more, the merrier. On the contrary, the addition of food supplements such as minerals (calcium, phosphor and the like) can also cause damage. Today's puppy food contains ideal proportions of all minerals and vitamins. Too much phosphor, for example, can prevent the absorption of calcium, and too much calcium can cause abnormal bone development. If you still wish to use supplements, we recommend that you consult your vet.

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Waggymeal can deliver to all serviceable areas.


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International shipment is not available at Waggymeal at the moment.


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