Litter Star Green Apple Cat Litter (2 Sizes)

Litter Star Green Apple Cat Litter (2 Sizes)

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About the product


  • Quickly elimates liquid and solid waste odours
  • Continues to work for up to one month
  • Easy Maintenance and clean-up
  • Non Toxic Formula safe for cat and environment
  • Lasts longer than traditional cat litters
  • No messy clumps or litter dust

Great Capacity and Quick Speed of Absorption

Silica gel cat litter can absorb all excrement and urine of pets and peculiar smell given off from them. They can also control the growth of bacterium and keep the surface of the litter dry and clean, so the pets may live in a safe and sanitary environment. At the same time, silica gel cat litter can be used as an air-fresh agent, which absorbs some easy-volatile gas and moisture in the air and make the room fresh and clean for us all. Because silica gel cat litter have their unique performance, that is only small amount of waste was produced, the pets’owners will become happy and relaxed.

Small Amount. and Long Term of Usages

 Various Colours and Different Scents pleasing pets:

The cat litter made by our company have various colours and different scents.They very much attract and please the pets.

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