LifeApp Pet Healthy Bedding Mat (Large)

by LifeApp
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- Healthy . Suitable for cats & dogs.

Release stress on joints and muscles according to its body shape. Even more suitable for aged cats and dogs under long term nursing.

- Breathable . 4D Elastic Stress Release

4D high bouncing fiber structure, with 80,000 times repeated compression test, high rebound, supportive, breathable and long lasting. Maintain shapes after long term usage.

- Easy. Washable & dry easily. Light to carry.

Easy cleaning and fully washable from the fabric cover to 4D elastic fiber inner filling. Just wash it under flowing water and air dry. It's sleek, light to carry and can be used even when you travel with your furkids.

- Eco friendly. Hygiene and Non-toxic

Manufactured under strict production standard. The inner fillings use safe, non-toxic and recyclable polyolefin. Apart from taking care of your furkids, its also environmental friendly.

Product Details

*Fully import from Taiwan
*Easy Clean and Fully washable from cover to inner filling
*80,000 times repeated compression test
*Breathable material
*Stress releasing on muscles and joints
*Light to carry
*4 attractive colors
*Size: W110 x D70 x H5 cm

Material : Fabric Cover - 100% Polyester, Inner Filling - 100% Polyolefin

Washing Method: Fully washable from fabric cover to inner filling. For fabric cover, it can be clean by washing machine (into laundry net) meanwhile just wash the inner filling under water and let it air dried.