Leonardo Adult Grain Free Maxi 1.8kg

Leonardo Adult Grain Free Maxi 1.8kg

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About the product

LEONARDO ADULT MAXI GRAIN FREE Rich in Poultry For adult cats from one year of age (Particularly suitable for large breeds) Leonardo Adult Maxi GF. Big cat breeds, like the Norwegian Forest cat and the Maine Coon, have particularly food requirements. The extra-large croguettes takes the cats longer to chew, which is good for their teeth. This stimulates the flow of saliva.


Products benefits : - Large chunks in a special form that extends the cat's chewing time. - With extra fresh poultry - Ideal for food intolerances - Recipe with amaranth instead of cereals.

GENTAL HAIRBALL TRANSIT - Facilitates expulsion of hairballs.

STAY-CLEAN - Plaque reduction.


Feeding Instructions

Recommended quantity of food per day
Mixed feeding: 25 g dry food replaces approx. 100 g moist food


Weight sterilised/ indoor Active
3 kg 25 - 40 g 55 g
4 kg 35 - 50 g 65 g
5 kg 40 - 55 g 75 g
6 kg 45 - 65 g 85 g
7 kg 50 - 70 g 95 g