Leonardo Adult GF Salmon (1.8kg)

Leonardo Adult GF Salmon (1.8kg)

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About the product

LEONARDO ADULT SALMON GRAIN FREE Rich in Salmon For adult cats from one year of age (Also recommended for sensitive cats) LEONARDO Adult Salmon GF. Tasty salmon for real fish fans. This LEONARDO recipe has been specially developed for cats with food intolerance and cats that tend to suffer from allergies. It does not contain any gluten or cereals. Cereals have been replaced in this recipe by nutrient-rich-amaranth.


Products benefits : - Ideal for food intolerances - With extra fresh salmon - Recipe with amaranth instead of cereals.

PROVITAL - Strengthens the defence forces with beta-glucans from brewers' yeast.

STAY-CLEAN - Plaque reduction.


Feeding recommendation

Recommended quantity of food per day
Mixed feeding: 25 g dry food replaces approx. 100 g moist food

Weight sterilised/indoor Active
3 kg 25 - 40 g 55 g
4 kg 30 - 45 g 65 g
5 kg 35 - 55 g 75 g
6 kg 40 - 60 g 85 g
7 kg 45 - 65 g 95 g

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