JW Toys Wanderful For Cat

JW Toys Wanderful For Cat


About the product

A long (20-inch) wand from which hangs an equally long string with a little creature dangling from its end. You'll find the kind of creature that captivates a cat, like a little bird or fish, with feathers added, filled with crinkly stuff and, of course, catnip, adding to the beguiling attraction. Dangle the creature in front of your kitty and the intelligent ideas become instantly apparent. Cats - no matter what - cannot take their eyes off this. Stimulating and endlessly fun.

Key Benefits

  • Fun toy spins and bobbles with a string of feathers
  • Provide hours of enticing, interactive playtime with your feline friend
  • A paw-powered wobbling toy keeps our cat busy
  • Stimulating and durable for an engaging and durable toy
  • Provide hours of entertainment for cats of all ages

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