Aixia Kin-Can Dashi Skipjack Tuna in Skipjack Sauce Canned Cat Food 80g


About the product

Aixia is derived from ‘ai’, the Japanese word for ‘love’, and ‘xia’ from ‘shiawase’, which translates to the word ‘happiness’.

Together, it means 'To Love is Happiness'.

Aixia Kin-Can is made in Japan and is also one of the well-selling brands since 1987.

Close attention is paid to the ingredients of our products, ensuring the happiness of both humans and the household animals that they love.

The most premium of cat food Aixia Kin-Can Dashi is made with only the finest selection of skipjack tuna.

Kin-Can Dashi (soup or soup stock) is based on flake skipjack tuna with brewed soup stock from meat.

With added Vitamin E to enhance and support your cat's natural body functions, you can also expect improved digestion and a healthier gut, along with reduced fecal odour due to lower ammonia production.

It is a complete and balanced set by Pet food fair Trade association in Japan which conforms to AAFCO standards.

A taste so heavenly your cats will ask for more!


Skipjack tuna, Skipjack Tuna stock, Lactosucrose, Thickening agents, Vitamin E



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