WaggyTag Smart Tracker Pet Tag

RM135.00 RM75.00

About the product

WaggyTag Smart Tracker Pet Tag is powered by: TrackR Bravo (RRP: US$29.99 or RM135.00 per device)

Tired of your pets running away from the house or lost? Attach the coin-sized WaggyTag Smart Tracker to their collar - then use the TrackR app to locate them in seconds. Quickly ring at them around the home or be notified before they go too far.

Lost your phone? Press the button on your TrackR device to ring your missing phone, Even on Silent Mode!
TrackR's Crowd GPS Network even updates you of your your pet's latest location on a map! Watch the video below to learn more!
Features - Trackr

WaggyTag's added features which are not found in other TrackR Bravo devices:

Protect your personal details by registering your contact details on Waggymeal.com/Waggytag. Register up to 3 phone numbers and calls to the rightful owner of a lost pet will ring all 3 numbers at the same time! No more displaying personal mobile numbers and other details on the pet tag. Register here if you have already purchased your WaggyTags.


Diameter: 31mm

Thickness: 3.5mm

Battery Type: CR1620

Max Battery Life: 1 year

Bluetooth Type: 4.0

Bluetooth Range: Up to 100ft

Crowd GPS Range: World Wide

Device Ringer Volume: Up to 85dB

Materials: Anodized Aluminum, Plastic

Works World Wide: Yes

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