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  • How Much Do You Know About This Handsome Dog Called Schnauzer?

    Schnauzers, known for their signature moustache, versatility and great senses. Apart from German Shepherds, Schnauzers are the other breed bringing good name to their country, Germany. These popular farm dogs have been existing since the Middle Ages in Germany. What else about them? Here are the 10 fun facts about Schnauzers.
  • Donation Wishlist for SPCA Penang

    SPCA Penang would welcome donations in various forms and it would be especially meaningful this period of festive season. To make it easier and ...
  • Fancy Maltese As Furkids? How Much Do You Know About Them?

    The Maltese Dogs, were once so heavily worshipped during the ancient times that even people sometimes thought they were literal gods. Nowadays, this dog is a well-known family dog that is susceptible to pampering. So what makes people adore them so much? Here are the 10 Maltese fun facts!

  • Frenchie Lovers, We Present To You, French Bulldogs!

    " Walking into the ring, standing at 11 to 13 inches tall, weighing less than 28 pounds.. The French Bulldog! " Yes, that's an exaggerated ring announcement as this so called " Bulldog " breed isn't bred for wrestling/fighting. Instead, these pushed in face, adorable snorting, miniature bulldogs are known for sitting around and being cute. Quite the opposite picture isn't it? Well, here are the 10 French Bulldog fun facts for you! 
  • So Much We Didn't Know About German Shepherds!

    Think of any dog breeds with demonym references, English Bulldog, Irish Wolfhound, American Pit Bull, and then comes the German Shepherd. Talk about arguably one of the most handsome dogs on earth, German Shepherds are often known as GSD by acronym, in order to avoid confusion with the human version back in the day. So what else do you know about them? Here are the 10 fun facts about German Shepherd that you might not know of.
  • Some Fun Facts You May Not Know About Rottweilers

    Black lips and coat, brown highlighting around the mouth, shoulders and paws. And don't forget the adorable circular brown eyebrows. Yup, you guessed it right! Talk about one of very few dogs that don't have any variations of colour, Rottweilers are one of the most popular dog breeds for pets, guarding and herding. Here are the 10 fun facts of Rotties that might fascinate you.  
  • The Awesome Stuff About Golden Retrievers

    Golden Retriever owners know what it's like to own a Golden Retriever, they are teddy bear cuddly, have smiley faces that are bound to brighten up your bad day, good with babies, and easily trainable. But apart from those experiences, what else do the owners know about them? Here are 10 fun facts that you might want to know about Golden Retrievers.
  • What Kind Of Food Is Lethal For Your Dog?

    Chocolates, avocado, dairy products, they sound like harmless food don't they? Well, they aren't harmless, if they are fed to your dogs. Here is the list of foods you might want to keep your doggies away from.
  • Is It True Cats Have Nine Lives?

    The lightning reflexes of cats coupled with their ability to right themselves from a fall from a great distance due to their ‘righting reflex’ give us the thought that cats can survive practically any catastrophe.
  • Here Are Some Tips For You On Dog Training!

    Training is an essential part of dog ownership. The right amount and delivery of training sessions can transform your pet into a more intelligent, well-behaved home dog.
  • What's That One City Named After An Animal? Yup, That's Kuching

    Hello, Cat Ciizens! Since we have been busy with places in Bangsar, Subang Jaya and also Petaling Jaya, we think we should fly all the way to the Cat City and see what’s best for furkids. Let’s start up with Pet Shop / Grooming / Clinic / Boarding. That’s a lot of slashes you got there man.
  • Our Inaugural “ Waggymeal Madness Sales ”, Stay Tuned For More In The Future!

    We held our first ever sales event titled “Waggymeal Madness Sales” in our exclusive warehouse at Southgate Commercial Centre on the 30th of Septem...