Why do Cat Furs Shed and How to Manage Them?

Nope, don't press the panic button yet. As we have known, Shedding is a cat’s natural process of losing dead hair. Outdoor cats may lose more hair in the spring and fall and retain more fur in the winter, while indoor cats can shed all year round. Here is the info-graphic that will explain to you the reason of shedding and what should you do to minimize them. 

But, what would happen if the shedding is left unattended?

Here is the case, if your cat’s shedding is normal, the worst you may end up with is a hairy wardrobe and home-your cat. However, may suffer from hairballs if she isn’t groomed regularly. If her shedding is due to an underlying medical cause, including allergies, parasites, infections or disease, her health you may seek veterinary care so it won't continue to worsen. Well, cats who are not groomed appropriately can become matted-this is especially true for long-haired cats. Matted hair can be painful and lead to underlying skin problems. So, don't forget to take care your feline friends regularly!


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