What To Do When My Dog Is Overweight?

When a dog starts to gain weight and become excessive, it could really mean that there is an imbalance between the intake of source of energy and the usage/output of energy. Every pooch may have a different food consumption requirement (often through understanding the size of the dog and it's level of activities) and a continuous excess may lead to obesity - just like human, it's a recognised disease.

If that happens, it's time to really call for a workable weight-loss plan that includes a custom diet that will optimise for return to the dog's ideal weight again.

Exercise, exercise and more exercise!

Lack of exercise that complements with an excess in food consumption is a sure fire way to gain excessive weight. In most cases, we observed many overweight dogs that live within an urban environment. Furthermore, certain breeds are genetically prone to the issue of excessive weight - just to mention some: Cocker Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, etc.  A good prolonged walk will definitely give our dogs an awesome opportunity to expend its energy and not forgetting that play also offers an opportunity for the dog and its owner some good time to interect. 

We also noticed that some overweight issues in dogs originated from overfeeding a dog during it’s growth period. An overfed puppy will produce a greater number of adipose cells which, like small balloons, have the potential to ‘fill up’ with fat during adulthood. What owners can do best is to stop indulging begging behaviour with treats. When treats are given, the energy content should be taken into account with the calculation of the daily food ration. Feeding of human foods is another recognised risk factor.

Competition For Food

Have you ever noticed that some dogs tend to hog on bowls during feeding time, especially unwatched - and some will eat at sight when left alone? This may be a sign of fear of lack of food that may result in abnormal gluttonous behaviour. A neurohormonal imbalance, boredom, feeding a diet with insufficient energy density or certain digestive conditions may also lead to an unrestrained appetite - best is to check with a qualified veterinary personnel should there be an unusual changes in weight so that a plan to manage the problem can be made sooner rather than later.

Don't Just Cut The Food Yet!

If you suddenly noticed a spike in its weight and your dog is getting out of shape, don't immediately reduce the quantity of food eaten daily by half just yet. Imagine that you have been drinking your favourite full cup of coffee daily in the morning and your barista just decided that you only need a quarter of the coffee from the usual portion! You will be furious and asked for more instead, we guarantee. Simply rationing your furkids' normal food as a method of weight loss can cause other complications and one of them is the risk of causing nutrient deficiencies as their body detects a reduction in total essential nutrients input than usual - and immediately recognise the reduction as shortage. Hence, some food like Earthborn Holistic® Weight Control is formulated to maintain the meal volume as much as possible while concentrating nutrients so that deficiencies don’t occur and total calorie intake is maintained - an absolutely safe and sustainable weight loss practice.

When Excessive Weight Prolonged

Obesity is a disease which should be taken seriously as it often leads to further health complications (arthritis, ligament rupture, cardiorespiratory problems, etc) When we start to observe one or two excess kilograms in our dogs, it may already serve as an early warning sign for obesity. Not addressed, it may also impact on a dog’s breeding abilities and associated with many skin problems. Most importantly, this situation significantly reduces the dog’s life expectancy.

The sooner we acknowledge that our dogs are faced with issue of excessive weight, the sooner we can get it addressed. The road to achieving ideal weight again for your dog may take several months of adhering to a good diet plan but the benefits in doing so definitely worth every sweat and moment – you’ll have a much healthier companion, for a longer time for sure!