Thank You For Your Contribution For The Recently Concluded FFF Food Donation Campaign!

Remember our recent food bank donation drive for Furry Friends Farm?
We have not missed that out and we would like to thank all of our customers who participated and contributed to these lovely furkids in their home.
Below are the appreciation shout-out to the orders which were gathered and delivered to FFF recently:
#2729 - Sharon Dcruz 
#2733 - Luzini Silver
#2739 - Samyuktha Rajah
#2740 - Tan Yi Yan
#2774 - Debra Wong
#2812 - Nyanapriyaa Mageswaran
#2816 - Shirley Wong
#2818 - Andy Sitt
Again, from the bottom of our hearts, together with the beneficiary, Furry Friends Farm, thank you for the lovely contribution and your generosity will go a long way in benefiting furkids with quality food intake and nutrition.
It's a great start and we are hoping to support and assist more shelters in getting quality food and supplies to their lovely shelters and homes. 
Do stay tune for the next food donation drive for the next shelter. 
Adios and happy waggy-ing!