Our Inaugural “ Waggymeal Madness Sales ”, Stay Tuned For More In The Future!

We held our first ever sales event titled “Waggymeal Madness Sales” in our exclusive warehouse at Southgate Commercial Centre on the 30th of September. Customers got to enjoy discount offers up to 25% on renowned product brands such as Natural Balance, Primal, Maverick, Whiskas and many more.

Close to a hundred of customers turned up for the event on the weekend that was limited only to registered members. The event lasted for seven hours from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. which consisted of four period slots in between for intervals and crowd control. Various products were on sale such as pet foods, treats, toys, shampoos and Waggymeal’s own Waggytags.

Given we had finally thrown our unprecedented sales event for the first time since the company’s establishment five years ago, this is our strong statement in making ourselves visible after many years of online business.

Our own Waggymeal’s founder Melvin Chan, believed the time was right for the sales event strategy having witnessed its business growth for the past years.

“ We have been receiving a lot of demands digitally, so I was thinking, why not make it easier by throwing an event sales to clear out the products all at once. Not only that will solve our stockpiling issue in the warehouse, but it will also make our customers’ fur kids happy as they don’t have to wait longer than usual if it was ordered online. “

“ More than a hundred customers signed up for the event online which is mind-blowing for an inaugural sales event. I was expecting to be less than that, but thankfully, the results exceeded our expectations courtesy of our loyal Waggymeal customers and other new customers as well,“ he said.

Apart from sales, Melvin also believed that the event was an opportunity to socially interact with customers and get to know them better.

“ Having been doing online sales for the past five years, we were excited by the fact that we were able to finally meet our customers face-to-face for the first time. Before this event, we were only communicating digitally. Hence, this event enabled us to socially interact with them and also make them happy with our courteous treatment. “

With the event’s evident success, you can rest assured that there will be more to come with bigger sales and better discounts in the future. So stay tuned!