Malaysia's Pet Adoption Centers

Want to adopt a pet but don’t know what pet adoption centres are available around Malaysia? Well, look no further. Below is a list complete with some of the many shelters you can choose from, including cat-specific sanctuaries, dog-specific sanctuaries, as well as shelters with professional services completed prior to adoption. Each unique adoption centre may practice different policies, house specific animals, and provide different services, but all are united with the mission of finding someone like you to adopt an animal in need into a beloved home and family for the pets they’ve rescued.

1. Cherishlife Home (Klang Valley)

A non-profit organisation that rescues and rehabilitates animals. They operate with a ‘no-kill’ policy in which animals are not euthanized if there is a lack of space in the shelter or if they are unable to be treated.

2. Furry Friends Farm (Klang Valley)

An animal sanctuary that rescues and shelters abandoned animals all around the country. Furry Friends Farm also houses many cats and dogs who never received the love and care they deserve from society due to their immobility, and visual and even mental disability despite their equally as loving temperament.

3. Hope JB (Johor Bahru)

HOPE (Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist) is a non-profit organisation that provides a safe haven for stray and abandoned dogs in the hopes of finding a family that is willing and able to adopt the canine into a permanent, loving home.

4. KL Pooch Rescue (Klang Valley)

A self-sustainable adoption centre that is primarily funded through profits generated from boarding, grooming, and other pet services. It is deemed as one of Malaysia’s finest non-profit dog rescue and boarding facilities due to its excellent tackling of issues surrounding many animal shelters – overcrowding, poor management, and lack of sustainable funding.

5. PAWS Animal Welfare Society (Klang Valley)
A non-profit animal shelter that vaccinates, deworms, neuters/spays, and puts up for adoption abandoned cats and dogs. It is funded through the donations of the public as well as proceeds from charity events and is operated by a team of office staff, part-time veterinarians, vet assistants, kennel workers, and volunteers.

6. Penang Animal Welfare Society (4PAWS – Penang)

A ‘no-kill’, non-profit animal shelter that began in 2005 by Barbara Janssen. 4PAWS houses and cares for stray and abandoned dogs in the hopes of one day, finding an adoptive family who will take the canine into a permanent, loving home.

7. Second Chance Animal Society (Klang Valley)
A ‘no-kill’ animal shelter that rescues, saves, and houses stray and abandoned dogs. Their mission is to fully restore the health of each rescued dog before giving them a home, and to educate the public about the ‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’ and ‘Neuter, Don’t Multiply’ concepts. The shelter operates entirely through SCAS members and volunteers as well as through public donations and voluntary aids.

8. SPCA (Nationwide)

A non-profit, non-governmental animal welfare organisation which provides a temporary shelter for unwanted animals. Their aim is to educate the public on pet ownership responsibilities through running activities and programmes in hopes of raising awareness on animal welfare.

9. Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter (NANAS)

An animal shelter that gives homeless, abandoned, abused animals a safe, loving environment to live a second chance of happiness.


10. Katzen Cat Sanctuary (Klang Valley)

Founded in 2011 by Suraya and Shariza, sisters who believe in the ‘no-kill’ policy in which cats are not euthanized for any purposes. Their mission is to rescue cats and care for them in their centre.