Live The Spirit Of Animal Loving By Giving

As we are reaching closer to year end, this is a time when we reflect and give thanks to our friends and family, especially for some of the smallest ones who have the biggest hearts. Sadly, there are countless animals who don't have a family to spend the holidays with, but who are incredibly thankful to their shelter and animal rescue parents and pet parents like you.
This time, we are partnering with Save Our Stray (SOS) from Penang for their Feeding Camp program to gather pet supplies donations to support these animals. Help us to spread the love this year end and give the rescued animals waiting for their forever family a special donation. SOS is a wonderful organization that helps to rehabilitate hundreds of pets so that they never have to spend another holiday without a family. 

Now is the time to help and spread the love. Until 4 December 2016, you can donate any items of your selection to SOS and they will be going for at least 15% markdown to their Feeding Camp Program. As an appreciation for your kindness and generosity, Waggymeal will be rewarding you with a cash voucher value of 10% from your donation order amount for your further purchase on our store.
Waggymeal is organising dedicated transport for your donations, and SOS's incredible food bank will continue to spread the love. If you would prefer to give SOS a monetary donation, please Click Here
About Save Our Strays (SOS), Penang:
SOS Clinic offers low-cost neutering and spaying to the strays with the main objective of promoting community TNR (Trap, Neuter, Re-home/Release).  
SOS' main objective is to execute MASS NEUTERING Program to the strays on streets in cooperation with the Local Council and State Government to curb strays over-population in a more humane and effective way.  If the community is willing to participate in this Program, the responsibilities will be distributed among all, not just the Council, State Government and NGOs. They strive to change the our attitudes of being a "Killing Society" to a "Caring Society" - a great legacy to the future generation
Please forward this post to friends and family who you think would be able to help. Thank you in advance for all your help and support!