Frenchie Lovers, We Present To You, French Bulldogs!

" Walking into the ring, standing at 11 to 13 inches tall, weighing less than 28 pounds.. The French Bulldog! " Yes, that's an exaggerated ring announcement as this so called " Bulldog " breed isn't bred for wrestling/fighting. Instead, these pushed in face, adorable snorting, miniature bulldogs are known for sitting around and being cute. Quite the opposite picture isn't it? Well, here are the 10 French Bulldog fun facts for you! 


Fun Fact #1 : French Bulldog, Not So French

If you think these bulldogs are from France, you just got it wrong. In fact, they are from England. This breed was originally bred by artisans like lace makers in England to be a miniature version of the English Bulldog in the 1800's. The mini English Bulldog was later crossbred with a Pug and a Terrier. Next thing you know, French Bulldogs were produced. They were commonly used as companions to improve the artisans' lives' quality and lap warmers for smaller pups. In the wake of Industrial Revolution in the 1860's, these artisans lost their jobs that prompted their move to France where their line of work was still in demand. It was there where the breed exploded in popularity and adopted the name " Bouledogues Francais " or The French Bulldogs as we know it today.


Fun Fact #2 : Two Types of Ears

The French Bulldogs are known for two types of ears, one with rose-shaped ears (English breeders' preferred shape), and the other one with unique bat ears (American breeders' preference). American dog fanciers were enraged when a rose-eared bulldog was feature at the Westminster Kennel Club in 1897. This led to the founding of French Bulldog Club of America (FBDCA). Primarily, the club's objective was to protest and fight for the unique bat ears breed to become the standard of American French Bulldog kennel clubs, which they achieved. As a result of this protest and also most dog owners find this ear type charming, most Frenchies today have bat-shaped ears.

Fun Fact #3 : The New York Dog & Great Companion

Apparently, this breed is a top dog in the Big Apple, especially in areas like Park Slope, The East Village and Tribeca. The reason being is that they are not required to have much exercise and do well in small areas. Furthermore, they aren't big barkers and tend to get along well with other dogs. However, they are somewhat slow to be house-trained. They are also a great companion. They are playful, loving, well behaved and loyal. These characteristics along with the breed's size, make them more than convenient to be a dog pet in tight places like New York.

Fun Fact #4 : The Incredible Sulk

If you're considering owning a French Bulldog, there's one thing you should expect, they are incredible sulkers. Frenchies are quite stubborn and sensitive, they don't tend to respond well to criticisms. Hence, when they're scolded, they might take it seriously and react by withdrawing and moping around the house. They tend to respond better towards positive reinforcement and encouragement. Therefore, if you want to get the best out of them, teach them positively and don't rough them up.


Fun Fact #5 : Hot Weather

As mentioned previously, these doggies don't need a lot of exercise, keep their outdoor activities limited or else they will overheat. They are more suitable for air-conditioned environment as high temperatures don't mix well with them. This is due to the fact they are a brachycephalic breed, which means their short smushed in noses and short airways give them trouble of regulating body temperature under hot and humid climate. Hence, they are more suitable to be indoor dogs and hours of fetching are redundant.

Fun Fact #6 : No Swimming or Flying

Want to spend your holidays at swimming pools or beaches? That would sound fun if you tag your family or close friends along, but not your bulldog. These Frenchies can't swim to save their lives. Due to their hefty head and squatty body, these features prevent them from keeping themselves above the water. They would sink like an anchor in lieu of buoying on the water surface. They are also not suitable to fly on airplanes. This is because their naturally soft palate problems and tiny noses only take in limited air. Respiratory distress on these dogs can be sudden or severe. Therefore, it is not advised to bring your doggy along if you're to board a plane to somewhere.


Fun Fact #7 : Artificial Reproduction

Frenchies are more popular for artificial reproduction than natural reproduction. This is because the males have a hard time mounting the females due to their narrow and weak hind legs. Moreover, their unusual proportions make it difficult for their birth process. Metaphorically speaking, when the dam tries to pass the puppies, the canal opening isn't big enough for the delivery which could endanger the mother. Hence, puppies need to be delivered through C-section. This is also the reason why French Bulldogs are expensive and risky.

Fun Fact #8 : French Bulldogs, French Prostitutes 

No, it's not what you think it is, they were not developed later to be prostitutes. Instead, they were more in favor with late-19th and early 20th century Parisian  prostitutes, also known as "belles de nuit". In fact, the French prostitutes were the first to call them "Bouledogues Francais" or French Bulldogs and contributed to the growing popularity within the country. 

Fun Fact #9 : They Are Quite The Fashionistas

Given their lack of stamina and tolerance towards outdoor heat, these aspects turned them into popular indoor dogs. As a result, dog owners tend to dress them up and make them look cool to compensate the lack of outdoor activities. That slowly turned the bulldogs into fashionistas. They are constantly publicized as the face of latest trends and costumes and you can find all kinds of stylish clad Frenchies over the internet.

10. The Westminster Breed Champions

French Bulldogs are champions of Best of Breed when it comes to Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Although this breed has never won the Best in Show in the event, they are the masters when it comes to Best of Breed title. One of their notable representative, Ch.Bouquet Nouvelle Ami, won the French Bulldog Best of Breed title for eight years straight in the 50's. The streak only ended the doggy retired. Her owner, Amanda West, went on to win the category for the next decade with other French Bulldogs.