Feeding Chloe The Best!

This post features one of our petparent friend, Melissa Fok and Chloe, her beloved Corgi as she shares her feeding tips for a busy parent while maintaining the best nutrition her furkid requires. Here's her story.

In this modern, busy world where kibbles sit on shelves in pet shops can easily be purchased as a quick to go selection, do we really read the contents are what we are feeding our dogs? Or is it just a mere taste to get the tails wagging? I’m a mum to a 2 year old Parvovirus survivor, Chloe the Corgi and nutrition for my girl is very important to me.


She had Parvovirus when she was a puppy and it was such a miracle she fought through this major obstacle. I remembered the trips to the vet and the amount of post-medication she had to take, not to mention medicinal can food which she didn’t seem really keen. On top of that, she developed skin allergies to protein which means she is strictly of chicken and pork or any high protein meat. Her allergies would last 3 weeks to a month and she would be seen scratching her eyes and face till they bleed. Very glad that I managed to curb the problem ever since!

After much research, I have chosen to not only give Chloe dry kibbles but to give her a mix of my own selection to nourish her in and out. You see, my opinion is to have a selection of meat, vegetable, supplements along with dry kibbles, freeze dried raw food to balance out or if I have missed any important minerals in her daily food. 

My current brand and also my proud 2nd pack of kibble is Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free - Real Salmon & Sweet Potato recipe. This special limited ingredient concentrates on Salmon and has lesser protein compared to the lot. Its added benefit which I love is that it has Glucosamine, which aids short dogs joints problems in the long run.

 Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets

I add ONE nugget each meal (2x nuggets per day, for 2 meals) to her kibbles and my home cook for Chloe. This is one of the best source and best alternative to raw food in my opinion. For Chloe, I use the Duck Formula and Turkey & Sardine only. Primal Pet Foods use appropriate ingredients for pets with food sensitivities, helps maintain proper body weight and overall health, and has a unique formulation. It is an easy and fuss free alternative to thawing and preparing raw meat especially with humid weather in our country that promotes bacteria growth.

Now the exciting part, food prep! Speaking as a working person myself, I do like to spend some time in the kitchen prepping food to ensure Chloe gets the best for her system. At the end of the day, your dog’s health matters the most!  This recipe is based on my research and tailor made to Chloe’s needs which I feed twice daily, you can add and replace as you like based on your pet(s) size and weight.


¼ tsp chia seeds

4-5pcs Goji Berry (good for eyesight!)

¼ tsp Turmeric Powder

1 tbsp Coconut Oil

1 Quail egg (to be given only 2-3x a week)

Broccoli + carrot (chopped as per pic)

1/8 cup Merrick Limited Ingredient Salmon

1 pc Primal Turkey & Sardine Formula Freeze-Dried Nugget

3 tbsp Salmon broth



In steamer (steam till slightly cooked):Carrots, broccoli, Goji Berry, Salmon broth

In Chloe’s bowl: Mix chia seeds, turmeric powder, coconut oil, Merrick Limited Ingredient Salmon and Primal Turkey & Sardine Formula Freeze-Dried Nugget

Mix all together and serve with quail egg on top (not crushed). As a source of protein, the whole quail egg can be eaten together with shell.


Before and after mixing:



 Try it out and let us know your feedback. You can also follow Chloe the Corgi on her Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/chloecaraemelcorgi/

If you would also like to share your recipe and tips on feeding the furkids the best, do feel free to share your article to happycustomer@waggymeal.com. Have an awesome day!