Top 10 Fun Facts About British Shorthair Cats

This cat has English roots with big round face, chubby little cheeks and a constant built-in smile to display. This cat is also quite a snuggler. Does it sound familiar? Yes, we're talking about the British Shorthair. Known as the British Blue in the beginning, these cats are the most popular breed in Great Britain. Aside from that, here are the 10 British Shorthair fun facts that you might want to know.


Fun Fact #1 : Originate In Rome

British Shorthair is arguably the oldest breed in Great Britain. Their existence dates back to the Roman era. They were brought to Great Britain to protect the Romans' food supplies from rodents. They are descendants from cats imported to Rome from ancient Egypt. Courtesy of their hunting skills, the British Shorthair became popular and widespread in the UK.


Fun Fact #2 : Most Popular Cat Breed in Great Britain

Unsurprisingly, this breed is the most popular cat breed in Great Britain. They have claimed the top spot and retaining it ever since 2001 according to the UK's Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. They overwhelmed the Persian cats as the most loved cat in the region. In the United States however, they sit at No.5 spot. With their adorable round faces and curious eyes, it's no wonder that these cats are massively adored.

Fun Fact #3 : They Were Nearly Extinct

By the early 20th century, the British Shorthairs were overwhelmed by long-haired breeds in popularity. Furthermore, cat fanciers stopped breeding the British Shorthairs during both World Wars which virtually contributed to their near extinction. Thankfully for British Shorthair enthusiasts, they crossbred their cats with Persian and other felines to ensure the breed's survival. By 1980, the breed was recognized as an official breed in America.


Fun Fact #4 : They will only be your pet, when they wish

The British Shorthair is not the sort of cat that will eagerly cozy up into your arms whenever they are around you. While they do prefer to be near their humans, they are chill cats who like to hang out with you, just not on you. They could also be aloof when you try reaching out to them, therefore, don't expect them to be overexcited about you after years of separation.

Fun Fact #5 : Once Upon A Time, They Were Hunting Cats

A very long time ago these cats were bred as hunting cats. They would help their families find food so that they could eat. It was a common use for the animal, and most people had one of their own. Today, these cats are anything but hunting cats. In fact, they are more commonly known today as cats that lie around the house and enjoy the peace and quiet. Don’t be fooled, however, as these cat won’t hesitate to get up and hunt down something to eat, a favorite toy or the ever-desirable cat nip that may or may not be hiding around the house.

Fun Fact #6 : Alice In wonderland

With their chipmunk cheeks and almost “cat that swallowed the canary grins” Historians think that Lewis Carroll may have based his Cheshire Cat illustrations in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland off a tabby British Shorthair. The breed is also rumored to have also inspired Puss and Boots, and many might also remember Church from Pet Cemetery as a British Shorthair, too.


Fun Fact #7 : Chill Breed

For the most part, British Shorthairs are chill cats that won't be jumping on your furniture or wrecking havoc in your closets. They may get rowdy and enjoy some play from time to time, but the breed is generally calm, affectionate and easy-going. British Shorthairs are intelligent cats, and it's recommended that they have interactive toys to keep them entertained. Though they're not much for sitting around in people's laps or being handled, they do like to stay near their favorite humans. The breed also gets along well with other cats, calm children and friendly dogs.


Fun Fact #8 : Long Lifespan

This cat breed doesn’t just have the typical “nine lives”, it has about 20 real ones! The British Shorthair is generally a very healthy breed of cat, and many have been reported to have lifespans up to 20 years with proper care. But be careful, like the domestic shorthair, these cats have a love for eating and can become obese easily if their food intake is not properly monitored. With their chill cat attitude, the British Shorthair might not be active enough to combat all that eating and develop a weight problem easily if allowed. Because of their sturdy, muscular bodies and large round heads, these cats have often been referred to as the “bulldogs” of the cat world.


Fun Fact #9 : Weird News

Apparently these cats have a thing for appearing in bizarre international news stories. In late 2014, state debt collectors in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, Russia, tried to force a man to pay 12,000 rubles in unpaid taxes. Since the debtor didn’t own any valuable material possessions, the collectors threatened to confiscate his British Shorthair cat and its three kittens. Needless to say, the man ended up paying his taxes, and he got to keep his cats. Also in the same country, a British Shorthair named Dusya skyrocketed to fame by starring in photo shoots and TV productions. As of March 2015, Dusya had earned around £2,000—more than what most Russians make in a year. In 2015, an Eastern European gang catnapped Maggie, a 1-year-old British Shorthair that lived with her wealthy owners in a London mansion. The thieves demanded a ransom of £5000. Maggie’s owners agreed to shell out the cash, and they participated in an exchange in a public park to get their beloved cat back


 Fun Fact #10 : I Can Has Cheezeburger

A British Shorthair was featured in the original “I Can Has Cheezburger?” meme. The viral internet phenomenon can be traced back to 2007, when a Hawaiian blogger named Eric Nakagawa saw a picture of a happy-looking British Shorthair on an online message board. It was captioned with the now-famous “I Can Has Cheezburger?” line, inspiring Nakagawa to register a website with the same name and share the image. Nakagawa began posting more cat pictures, and he eventually turned his blog into a monetized website. It was acquired for $2,000,000 dollars, and became the basis for the Cheezburger Network, a network of social humor websites.