5 Must-Haves When You Get A New Pet

Welcoming a new pet into your home and heart is more than just a rewarding, incredible experience - it is also a challenge, especially for first-time owners. Aside from getting your new best friend the basic necessities, toys, and treats, there are more responsibilities of being a good pet owner. Here are 5 must-haves every owner of a loving new pet should be aware of in order to provide the best care possible for your pet.


Know how to specifically care for your pet’s breed, and research what type will best suit your lifestyle

Equip yourself with the knowledge of common illnesses associated with your pet’s breed, it's usual temperament, life-span, how to groom them, how long and how often they should be walked, etc. Take the time to consider your lifestyle, place of residence, social and family life, activity level, and patience before adopting accordingly. For example, if you lead a more active lifestyle, perhaps golden retrievers would be better suited for you than a chow chow. 

In addition, when identifying best food products for your pet, especially for specific breeds of either cats and dogs, brands like Royal Canin has done a great job formulating breed specific food products for your pets like German Shepherd for dog and British Shorthair for cats - is there a special food formulated for your breed by Royal Canin? Find out here.


Ensure that your house is pet-proof so as to prevent injury and/or illness to your pet

Make sure that your pet can’t get hold of any wires, sharp objects, and/or poisonous food and plants that they can possibly consume. These items can cause potential threats to your pet’s well-being (and be costly to recover).


Maintain regular pet grooming and ensure that your pet is well-nourished with food that is specifically made for their age and breed.

A good shampoo like Avoderm's Oat Formula shampoo, ear cleaner like Accurate Ear Cleanser and grooming equipments will keep any pet in best looking condition. In addition, all pets should be checked regularly for pests, such as ticks or fleas.


Make sure that your pet is armed with parasite and insect preventatives

Heartworm prevention is mandatory, especially in Malaysia where mosquitoes strive. A single bite can deteriorate your pet’s well-being and thus, result in costly and unpleasant treatment for your pet. Get a dewormer like Virbac's Vitaminthe Dewormer for Dog & Cat. You can also prevent ticks through a collar like Virbac's Preventic Dog Collar.


 Provide some form of Identification for your pet.

There are two main options — identification (ID) tags and microchips. Although it is not necessary to use both, it is highly recommended.

An ID tag (a medallion that hangs from your pet’s collar) like the Waggytag lists specific, essential contact details that will reunite you with your pet in the event that they go missing.

A microchip is a grain-sized, electronic, permanent method of identification that is implanted between your pet’s shoulder blades at the back of their neck. The chip contains a code stored in a database detailing your contact information which can be scanned and then entered into the database. Shelters will then be able to see your registered contact information.


With everything prepared, it will ensure that the experience of pet ownership will be a life changing and an awesome one!