Every Stray is Beautiful and Deserves A Second Chance

Everyone would have seen or bumped into a stray at a given point of time. Some might be disgusted of how filthy the stray may be as they roamed around the streets, looking for possible leftovers to nibble on at the trashes in order to live by the day. On the other hand, there are kind souls who may choose to rescue these strays than to let them die on the streets due to starvation or even road accidents. Some may choose to adopt them, while some may choose to send them to the shelters and hoping that there will be someone out there who will provide them a loving home. 

Often than not, these strays may have long tangled furs and covered with dirts which caused them to be less appealing to potential adopters. However, if you could just be patient and not judge by its first look, you may find them to be really beautiful after a simple cleaning and grooming process. 

Ultimately, you may even discover something more beautiful than just what the looks can offer. This beautiful thing is known as a life long friendship and companionship that you could ever asked for in life. 

Every stray is beautiful. And they do deserve a second chance. 

Here's a short video of Charlie, a shelter dog in L.A.