How A Pit Bull Took A Bullet To Save His Owner... and Miraculously Survived!

We love to hear the story about the extend dogs will go to keep their owners from harm. 

The story about a pit bull, Kilo, an 8 year old dog (then in 2012), rescued its family from an attempted armed robbery and took a bullet during the process, was first broadcasted a couple of years ago. The owner and his girlfriend thought Kilo wouldn't survived as it looked really badly injured but by God's grace, the family's hero miraculously survived!

Pit bull has been a widely misunderstood breed given its temperament and the perceived tendency towards violence in almost every part of the world's authorities. After all, the dog's behaviour is widely a result of the owner's actions - however, a dog's a dog and therefore, the tendency to stand up for the pack and especially it's leader - you, the owner!

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 Just in case you couldn't view the one above, here's another video that featured Kilo and his heroic story.