4 SIGNS You Devote To Your Pet More than Anything Else

- …More than Your Loved Ones

1. Your Pet Is Always No. 1


"That looks cute but my puppy is still the best"

"Honey I love you but, how can I say no to him :("

“There can only be one champion.”

It's just like comparing who has better stuff ranging from cars, partners, smartphones...

Whenever you stumble over your friends' posts about their pets on social media (e.g. Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram), deep down you know nothing beats your own pet. Who knows, you often secretly pose competition by uploading better pictures of your furkids on social media just to show off to your friends.

What not, some of us might put our furkids at the very top of the hierarchy among our friends, family or even our no.1 favorite person.

And who would have the heart to compete with the furkid for that number 1 spot.

2. You Pamper Your Furkid More Than Yourself

Browsing through items at the pet shop can be just as fun as shopping for your favourite clothing, food or gadget.

There is always something for your furkids in the pet store. Anything that goes into your cart either fascinates you in some way or benefits your furkids somehow.

The result after hours of browsing around the pet store and loading your cart with pet supplies? You end up staring at the handful of bags you have to lug around!

Oh my. You wished that the bags could just magically appear in your house upon payment so that you can continue shopping for yourself!

Here’s the thing.

We know everyone loves shopping and we also know that carrying bags of goods can be a hassle especially when we are shopping alone. So, let us share with you a solution.

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3. Your Furkid Is Literally Your World

“According to the American Animal Hospital Association survey, approximately 40% of married female dog owners claimed that their pets contribute to emotional support compared to their spouse or family members.”

That's so sweet.

Not to say this study does not apply on the male genders. We all know that it doesn’t matter if you feel like your world is falling apart or you feel over the moon, the presence of your furkid will always make you feel better. Even if it is to just look at your furkid’s picture on your work desk, it does make your frown upside down.

  • 4. Grooming is a MUST
  • Your dog can be as fabulous as Katy Perry.

    We all want our pets to be as fabulous as us. Possibly wearing the same matchy matchy outfits with us or our kids!

    Apart from sending your furkids to pet grooming saloons, it is vital to maintain our furkids’ basic hygiene in order to ensure a healthy growth besides brushing them which promotes good blood circulation. Among the basic grooming tips we can do for our furkids are:

    • Ear - Start with cleaning with a cotton ball with a vet-approved ear wash before wiping the inner surface of the ear
    • Fur - depending on the length of your furkids’ coats,

    For smooth and short coats: Start by using a rubber brush, followed by a bristle brush before polishing them with a chamois cloth.

    For short and dense coats: Slicker brush can help remove tangles followed by a bristle brush.

    For long coats: slicker brush which not only helps remove tangles but remove matts. Lastly, finish with the bristle brush.

    • Nails –You know it's time for a dog pedicure when you can hear your dog's nail click when he walks. Using a suitable pet nail clipper, hold your furkid's paws in your palms and start trimming a small portion from the top left tip followed by the right tip of the same nail. Even things up by clipping small portions from the top middle tip of the nail. Continue this process for every other nails and occasionally give your furkid treats to reduce his nervousness.


    • water is usually the recommended temperature so that you don't burn or make it too cold for their delicate skin.