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  • Dog Training Tips: How To Train Your Puppy

    Bring home a new dog is exciting and fun! Dog training marks the start of the journey in turning your furry friend into a loyal,loving and obedient...
  • Why do Cat Furs Shed and How to Manage Them?

    Shedding is a natural, healthy process in all cats, in which they shed in order to remove dead hair which can cause skin irritation. But, say no more, we will tell you the reason behind why cat’s shed, is it really concerning, and the signs or it and how to minimize cat's shedding.

  • Top 10 Fun Facts About British Shorthair Cats

    This cat has English roots with big round face, chubby little cheeks and a constant built-in smile to displayThis cat is also quite a snuggler. Does it sound familiar? Yes, we're talking about the British Shorthair. Known as the British Blue in the beginning, these cats are the most popular breed in Great Britain. Aside from that, here are the 10 British Shorthair fun facts that you might want to know.
  • 10 Fun Facts About Bengal Cats

    Talk about Rolls Royce of cats, Bengal Cat is one of the fewest hybrid cats on earth. Known for their good looks and leopard skin, this cat was so sought after that in 1999 a woman in London paid nearly $50,000 for her Bengal cat. So what makes this breed so interesting? Here are the 10 fun facts about the Bengal Cat.
  • How to Potty Train Puppies

    A new puppy definitely brings great joy especially to new pet parents, but potty training puppies can lead to frustration. Puppy potty accidents st...
  • Feeding Chloe The Best!

    This post features one of our petparent friend, Melissa Fok and Chloe, her beloved Corgi as she shares her feeding tips for a busy parent while maintaining the best nutrition her furkid requires.
  • Get Rewarded With RM50 For Purchases Above RM200 Only!

    Starting March 20th, Waggymeal will be rewarding customers with RM50 cash vouchers for every order exceeding RM200. Great news for customers indeed who are looking to save more for every purchase for their furkids!
  • How Much Do You Know About Chihuahuas?

    Here's a challenge, try and figure out the doggy version of Peter Dinklage. Got it? If the name " Chihuahua " passed your mind, well, that's the answer. Talk about having one of the biggest personalities in the doggy world, Chihuahuas are no pushovers as this small size breed could be fierce and aggressive dogs, but at the same time, cute. (Awww...) Here are the 10 fun facts about Chihuahua.
  • Potential Delay In Delivery During Chinese New Year Festive Season

    Important Read: Notice on Potential Delay of Delivery This Chinese New Year period.
  • 10 Things About Maine Coon You Probably Haven't Heard Of!

    Remember Mrs.Norris from Harry Potter? Yup, that's the Maine Coon cat who keeps eye on misbehaving students or more famously known as "Mr.Filch's cat". Talk about cats that can be easily recognized by an "M spot" across the forehead, Maine Coons are true American cats as they were developed in Maine of The United States. So what else is there to know about them? Here are the 10 fun facts about Maine Coon.
  • 10 Fun Facts About Persian Cats

    Considered the most popular cat in the world, the Persian Cats are everyone's favourite due to their regal look and adorable smushed-in face. But what else do you know about them apart from their popularity? Here are the 10 fun facts that you might not know of Persian Cats.
  • Presenting To You... Poodle's Fun Facts!

    Poodles, known for their stylish hair look and long legs, this breed is popular when it comes to the fashion world, even featured in movies like Zoolander. These dogs are also known as the models of the doggy world. So what else about them?  Here are the 10 fun facts about Poodles!